How can you help me manage my business?

Initially, I would need to understand a little about your business and your business goals.  During this conversation we could identify key problems and determine how to address them.  To arrange for a free analysis email

It's critical for me to increase sales.  Can you help?

Sales is a process and it has changed dramatically.  In the past the choice was quality or price.  Today the successful survivors provide both quality and price.  Each company needs to clearly understand its "steps of the sale".  For a complimentary assessment email

We need to have a top-notch sales and marketing executive but I can't afford it.  What do I do?

What some companies need is an experienced executive that would cost them $150,000 plus per year.  All they can afford is $50,000 so they hire what they can find  in that range?  MAJOR MISTAKE.   Contact me for a no risk discussion at

There are too many things to handle at one time.  How do I manage this?

This is the era of information overload.  The problem today is to decide what not to read and do.  How does one decide the right things to focus on?  For a no charge exploratory analysis email

There are several areas of my business that need improvement for example: problem solving, decision making, negotiating, prioritizing , etc.  How can you help?

You cannot remain status quo while the rest of the world is advancing.  Choice is critical.  What will give you the biggest impact and how do you implement  it?  For guidance in this area email

We have employee problems with people not doing what is expected of them. How can I fix this?

This is fairly simple in concept but it requires mental toughness to implement.  It is very doable but not easy.  To discuss this at no cost email